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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

It's so hard to get a sense of who someone is, especially if all you have is their web presence to rely on. Here are some interesting facts about me: fill in the blanks.

I've lived in many places and traveled even more. I have five sons and one husband. Cleaning house calms me. My PR for a half marathon is 2:33:02. My son and I own a cafe. My father was a scientist who played the piano. I was always a cat person, now I'm a dog person. My favourite poem is Ithaka, by Cavafy. We had a mixed organic farm in Umbria for a few years. I've assisted at hundreds of births, and greeted many babies. I have a pen name. I went to Greece in 2017 to work with people in the refugee camps. Hot weather is my favourite, anything over 30 celsius. I founded a volunteer doula organization in 2003. I have two sisters, younger. I love to throw parties, but then I don't talk much. My mother was an artist who taught mathematics. I co-founded WWOOF Italy in 1991. Great at cooking, awful at …

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