In April of 2010, the National Post reported Stephen Harper announcing that “Canada will only fund maternal health projects in developing countries as long as the projects don’t divide Canadians.” This was harperspeak for saying that Canada will not be part of any initiative that funds safe abortion in developing countries.
Just this morning, Harper left for Geneva where he will co-chair a new UN accountability commission on child and maternal health in the Third World.
The president of the International Confederation of Midwives, praised the initiative: “… we need accountability. We need to know that the monies being spent are doing the right thing, that they're actually improving health care at the community level. And I think that it's really a coup for Canada."
Lynch said several developing nations have begun to take maternal and child health seriously as a barometer of their overall development and that Canada is well-placed to keep that momentum going.
Shame on you, Bridget Lynch, for not doing your homework! Where do Stephen Harper’s real loyalties rest, and how do they intersect with government planning at the highest level?
In 1981 I went to visit a young woman who was lucky enough to have survived her coat hanger abortion and was lying in a clean enough hospital in southern Africa. In the village, a scandal had just developed because a highly placed government official had been found with an eleven year old girl. These horrible things happen in Canada as well, and here we are allowed access to safe, clean hospitals and legal abortions. Why restrict these rights to the developed world?
It is our duty as women, as midwives, and as Canadians to help to make sure this woman’s daughters and granddaughters have access to all the health care services they need, and we cannot let our ideology and false morality get in the way.


  1. But don't forget it was not the embryos' fault that his conception was politically incorrect in that village, it does not need to be punished with murder. One of the 10 commandments is dont kill.


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