I went to bed happy last night, because every Sunday I get to play jazz clarinet with a small group of amateur musicians (and one professional to glue everything together).

I read for a bit, Adam and Eve, by Sena Jeter Naslund - an interesting read. I put my head down and within five minutes my phone rings and a lady's water has just broken, very exciting, water everywhere. "Just like in the movies," she said.

All is good, I suggest she try to sleep a little. We spoke a few times during the night, as she was having some contractions, but I continued to suggest she sleep as much as possible.

In the morning, she call to tell me that she and her husband have decided to go to the hospital, where the news is that her cervix is not dilated, and they are going to try Cervidil to "jumpstart" labor.

Just asking all you folks out there, whether you're "in the know" or not, to throw a blessing her way. Just throw it out, and if it doesn't land on her, it'll land on another birthing woman...


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