Some women do it for money, some do it for love, some do it out of a sense of duty.
Well, the Montreal Birth Companions volunteer doulas just do it out of their own big hearts - and I look at these women and feel very proud.
Several years ago, some of our doula students decided to start volunteering their services for needy women who could not afford a doula.
Now, in 2011, this small group of dedicated women is officially known as Montreal Birth Companions. This month we are following ten women. Most of these women are single and isolated. All of them are grateful for the companionship and assistance of a doula, and they know that the presence of a doula at their birth will reduce the risk of unnecessary intervention.

Yesterday, one of the MBC clients gave birth with the companionship of a newly-trained doula. She had her baby quickly and easily, in just a few hours. Last week, one of our "veteran" doulas accompanied a first-time mother for over a day as she labored to give birth.

The Montreal Birth Companions accompany women from many different backgrounds and cultures. Many of them are alone here and new to the cold Canadian climate. The presence of a doula helps them adjust to life here, where isolation is the biggest enemy. Social programs help our clients to eat and find warm clothing, and our medical system works well enough (more on that later!) that they get medical care when needed. But the companionship of another woman during pregnancy and childbirth is a gift that facilitates the transition to "mother" and fills the newborn days with joy and hope.


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