Meconium Happens

I have had a week full of surprises - dead cars, no electricity, troubles at my son's school, indiscretions at a dinner party (don't ask)... But I feel ok, because with every strange turn of events, I have seen my husband's smile, or my youngest has drawn me a picture, or one of my sons showed me they care.

The more I live this life, the more I am convinced that the deal is, it is not what happens to you that matters so much, it's how you accept it (or not). I have been to births that have been really challenging and tough, where the woman accepts the labor and is thrilled with the whole experience. I have seen other women fight against labor and birth, one contraction at a time.

How can we nurture a woman so that when labor comes, she will embrace the experience instead of fighting with it? What happens to a woman when she has a vision of a natural, normal birth and she arrives at the hospital and things start to go haywire? Is it possible to convince women to stay at home, at least until they are in active labor? What about the woman who feels every contraction, from the very beginning, like torture; the woman who can't separate her labor contractions from an abuse she experienced years ago?

These topics and more will be covered in my upcoming Doula Workshop. Please try to join us, and tell your friends!


  1. great title! B"H no earthquakes or tsunamis in this part of the world at the moment! Birth pangs, as they say :). Well, it's all for the good, right?


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