Girl Code?

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I just love it when I see women doing innovative and upbeat stuff. I love Savon Populaire - run by a trio of women, who have a few kids between them  and still manage to run a successful business (that also smells like heaven!)

Or there's Motherwit, also a Montreal-based business, run by our city's busiest and well-known doula, who leads a team of women who have accompanied many families through pregnancy and beyond.

My  Sicilian friend Ninni mixes her love for design with her desire for social justice to produce amazing creations, and she shares her knowledge with prison inmates to assist them to imagine a life outside of their limitations.

When I think of it, there are hundreds of amazing women I know and have known through the years, who have an idea, dream about it for a while, and then just get up and do it!

So - the code part - I just discovered another gem of a business, run by two enterprising sisters, who have decided to open the doors of web design to the common woman! Their site, The Girl's Guide to Web Design, looks very cool, works like a dream, and is full of interesting tidbits.

I had a lot of fun working with my sister on The Birth Conspiracy, my recently released book on natural birth, doulas, and hospitals. I loved working with her, and I was so happy that she agreed to put her amazing talents into our project.

The book is selling well, and we are planning three launches in different cities over the next few months. We are organizing a workshop in Italy in the summer with a great bunch of people, including our friend Lewis Mehl-Madrona, doctor, healer, storyteller, and author of Narrative Medicine.

I have so much going on - my volunteer doula organization, my own private practice, my workshops here and abroad, writing projects ... and I want to be able to use my voice more effectively and with a bit of a splash - I love techy stuff and I am always looking to learn more.
I envision a site where women can browse and gather information about natural birth, or find a doula, or sign up for an international workshop; get resources on anything from birthing in Sicily to doula projects in the Caribbean; find out how to join a writer's workshop ...and I want it to look good, and to work the way it should: big, beautiful, friendly, and cosmopolitan.

Which program? Jetsetter, definitely. I have been doing self-directed study since I was in high school; I love the name; and I can go at my own speed wherever I am.

Fun secret fact? I love to play the clarinet - from Brahm's Clarinet Sonata in F Minor, to some low-down blues after a few shots....


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