Montreal Birth Companions Volunteer Doula Program

It is with a heavy heart that I have had to put our volunteer efforts on hold for a while. We made an application for funding in January and we are awaiting good news, but in the meantime I have decided I can no longer put in the hours of work I was devoting to the organization.

I was surprised by the lack of response by some of the agencies who have been accepting our volunteer services for many years. Maybe I was kind of imagining people to write back and say that we will all pull together and let's do this thing! But no, the announcement passed without much of a ripple.

Just like the earth, everything needs to be left for a time in order to grow healthy and strong. I am having my fallow time now. I was offered a very good opportunity that meant leaving my family for two months, and I decided to leave that go as well. I need to stay at home, write my book, and let myself be nourished by my surroundings (inside my house, let it be known , not the grey urban landscape outside).

And since I made that decision, all sorts of new sprouts have been poking their green heads up from the ground. To continue my metaphor, even the manure I received from some of the crummier experiences I've had over the years has proven useful. Difficult times and difficult people have taught me to bend when necessary, and to stand firm when possible.

So, please send your best wishes our way, that the powers that be in the funding world smile upon us, so that MBC can continue to provide doulas for the neediest women in our society.

A reader just pointed out - if you wish to donate, please visit the MBC website here and you can donate directly. Thanking you in advance!


  1. Does your organization have a CRA charity # and/or somewhere we can donate to your cause?

    1. Yes, Thank you! Please go to and you can donate directly from our website.

  2. Hello dear, please can I know where can I found volunteer doula in Montreal ?


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