Thoughts on Solitude

We are all alone. We are born alone, and we die alone. This little albino lizard blends in so well with her surroundings, we can hardly even see her against the whiteness of the sand. But she is alone, just like you and me.

The most wonderful and valuable service a doula can offer another woman during her childbearing year is companionship.

The newborn is the most beautiful, alluring little creature. But he needs attention, breastmilk, love, concern...he is alone too, but he knows what he wants. He wants to be held, nuzzled, nursed, touched, loved.

Please be mindful when you are accompanying a woman on the journey of giving birth to a new life. Be mindful if you are accompanying her on a more difficult journey, when she is not having a perfect experience. Please be mindful when you are feeling alone, and remember that the air you breathe in has just been breathed out by another person. Please be mindful when you speak to a woman in labor. Be mindful when you stand next to an old woman on the bus. Be aware that your presence can mean a universe to a woman who is feeling alone.


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