Birth Companions

I work with a group of women who dedicate themselves to some of the neediest pregnant and birthing women in our city. Since 2003, a "small group of thoughtful, dedicated citizens" has provided prenatal education and birth companionship to refugees, non-status, immigrant, and other needy women living amongst us on our affluent urban island.

Last weekend, two women gave birth, accompanied by MBC doulas. One lady was having her second child. She was isolated in many ways: linguistically, financially, and she was suffering an abusive marriage.
The second lady was having her first baby, and she was new to Canada and appreciated the companionship of the two women who stayed with her through the night.

The Montreal Birth Companions spend hours of their time with women in need. They never complain that they are underpaid; they never say how tired they are; they volunteer tirelessly not only attending births but also helping out with the administrative side of the organization.

I would like to share some photos of the doulas, the babies, and the women we serve.


One of our mothers with her beautiful son

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New Office - sorting donations


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