Level One Doula Class Fall 2013

Doula classes are starting again in September. This program has been a great success! The doulas that completed Level One in May, 2013 have had a very busy summer attending births as volunteers with Montreal Birth Companions (always working with a partner, as a shadow and then as a co-doula).

Level One will start again on September 9, 2013. Registration is moving along, so if you are interested please get in touch with me for a registration form. See below for a description of the course.

Level Two is scheduled to start at the end of November, 2013.

Birth Companions Doula Course
Level One Description
Fall 2013
This course is the first of three levels of the Birth Companions doula program. It includes 24 hours of class time.
Classes will be held every Monday evening starting on September 9, 2013, for eight weeks.
When you have completed this level, you will be eligible to accompany clients from the Montreal Birth Companions volunteer doula program, under my mentorship and with a partner doula. During the shadowing process, you will proceed to Level Two, after which you will be able to work as a private practice doula.
The course will integrate theory and practice. Shadowing and mentoring may take place throughout.
The only prerequisite is enthusiasm and availability.
Bring your own experiences, a notebook, your hands and an open heart. We will utilize The Birth Conspiracy as our main reference. The book will be available on or before the first class.
To fulfill requirements for Level One, you need to attend all of the classes, if possible. I may ask you to present or prepare assignments, but these will be done within class time. If you are interested in doing an independent project, please speak to me and I will be available for mentorship.
We are pricing this course to be accessible for as many women as possible. The cost for Level One is $400.00. I do not turn anyone away so please contact me about a financial plan.


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