MBC Doula School

I have been the director of Montreal Birth Companions for over ten years now. We are at a very exciting point in our life as an organization, and I compare it to that time in a child's life when he (I have only sons so forgive the gender specific pronoun) leaves home to find his way. Our organization is now becoming mature and I will have to relinquish some of my hold on it and let it become what it needs to become.
So  now I have a new baby, and that is the MBC Doula School. I have been teaching doulas since 2003 and I want to expand my (and my students') horizons, and to that end I have created a school which is based partly on my basic courses (Levels One and Two), but also is based upon guest teachers who come to MBC Doula School to share their knowledge.
I have been working hard to bring this program to reality and things are coming together nicely now. I have invited several wonderful guests to lead us on our learning path and I have had lots of enthusiastic feedback from prospective students. To those of you who are far away, I am working on a web-based program that will retain the friendliness and community of our in-house classes.
Dedicated Birth Keeper taking notes @3am
The cost of the program will be based on credit hours (details to come) and, as always, I am happy to offer scholarships and internships to those who cannot pay. Please do not let your calling to this field be hindered by your cash problems!  
Remember, this program values self-directed study and practical work. I also believe that what we do teaches as much as what we say, so we at MBC Doula School are very respectful of the boundaries and limitations our students may have.
Practical work is fully integrated into the program, as an observer, a volunteer doula, shadow, or as an apprentice or mentor.

Doula Care Level One is starting on September 8, 2014. A Safe Passage will be taking place September 21 and 22, 2014. Singing Birth workshop will be coming to Montreal in March, 2015. For more information, please visit MBC Doula School
Here are the courses:
Doula Care Level I
Anatomy and Physiology for the childbearing year
Doula Care I.
Breastfeeding I.
Practical Component   
Doula Care Level II 
Doula Care II.
Reviewing Medical Interventions
Practical Component                                                            
Introduction to Healing During the Childbearing Year  (Level III)
Challenges During the Childbearing Year: An Overview
Overview of Healing Modalities                                                   
  1. A Safe Passage workshop                                                    
  2. Working with Families                                                            
  3. Language and Birth                                                             
  4. Informatics for Birth Workers                                               
  5. Singing Birth                                                                            
  6. Postpartum Intensive                                                              
  7. Healing during Pregnancy, Labor and Birth                          
  8. Healing during the Postpartum Period                                   
  9. Cranio-Sacral During Pregnancy and for newborns
  10. Yoga pre-and postpartum
  11. The Placenta  and Placental Encapsulation
  12. Herbalism
  13. Ribozo
  14. Homeopathy for doulas
  15. Massage: Prenatal, During Labor, Postpartum
  16. The Doula Business
  17. Birth Narrative
  18. Working with marginalized populations
  19. Childbirth Education Course (observe)  
  20. Winter Birth Retreat with Debra and Rivka                             


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